Hide your thinning hair with bangs

One of the most common ways women notice hair loss is by thinning around the hair line. Want a great way to hide that and get a great new look?


woman with bangs

The type of bangs you get depends on your personal style and face shape. Here are some great options for any woman considering bangs.

 Zooey Deschanel style:  This is one of those styles that starts from the middle of your head and ends in long, wavy bangs that don’t try too hard to sit in place. A trademark characteristic is a small part in the middle. These bangs are carefree and fun!

Blunt-cut bangs: This style that works especially well with stick-straight hair. For women like myself with curls or waves, a blow-dryer will be your friend if you go for this look. Just be sure to use a quality heat protectant first so you don’t damage the hair you have!

Rounded, seventies-style bangs. These bangs form a sleek arc from temple to temple that’s shortest in the middle and longer on the sides. They bring out your cheek bones and can conceal a large forehead.

Long bangs: These bangs graze your cheekbones. We recommend side-bangs look if you’re going long!

Asymmetrical bangs. This is for the edgiest of you women: a diagonal sweep of bangs across your forehead. If you’re considering this look, we recommend finding a professional hairstylist who’s done it before. Done correctly, this can look amazing. But if it’s not done right your hair might look a little too messy. Proceed with caution, ladies!


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