The best vitamins for your hair

You might already know that vitamins are vital (get it?) to the health of each and every one of your organs. We all have reasons for taking vitamins – I take mine every day because both kidney and breast cancer run in my family and I want to protect myself as much as possible.

But what about your hair?

While your hair doesn’t necessarily count as an organ, what you eat absolutely affects it. Sure, you can use the most nourishing shampoos and the deepest of conditioners to make dry hair silky smooth and brittle hair strong, but the healthiest hair comes from inside your own body. Yet another reason to eat your veggies, right? (Fruits, too. And nuts. Yum.)

Certain vitamins and minerals can help you grow hair and keep it shiny and strong. The same vitamins and minerals that improve your skin’s health (like vitamin Band omega-3 fatty acids) will have a positive impact on healthy, strong and thick hair.

Your body also needs vitamins A and C to create sebum (also known as oil), which is secreted by your hair follicles to naturally condition each and every strand of hair. Taking a multivitamin specially formulated for hair could be the best option to ensure you get all the vitamins necessary to grow and maintain thick, healthy hair. Keranique’s Daily Essentials will nourish the hair from the inside out while protecting your locks from external sources of damage.

So, what do you say? Will you seek out the best vitamins for your hair? Sounds like a win win situation to me!


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