Must-have hair accessories

Some of us have shoe addictions. Others have jeans addiction. Me?

I am addicted to hair accessories.

I  hope I’m not alone in this. Hair accessories can complement an outfit and turn a simple hairstyle into a special one.  While there are a ton of items to choose from, I’d like to share a few hair accessories that every girl should have.

One up your own ‘do with these accessories:

Colorful Ponytail Holders

A ponytail is an easy, foolproof hairstyle that we often rely on when our hair just won’t cooperate. But using a plain brown, black, or blonde elastic to tie back your pony or bun can leave you looking boring and drab.  Instead, invest in a few colorful hair ties made of a satiny elastic material.  Not only can they add a fun pop of red, pink, blue, or green to your hair, but they aren’t as rough on it as traditional elastics so you’ll get less breakage too.

Just please – no scrunchies.  Let’s leave those in 1995.


Whether you’re having a bad hair day, need to keep your bangs out of your eyes while you grow them out, or just want to add a little something extra to your hairstyle, headbands are an essential hair accessory.  The best thing about them is that they work with virtually any type and style of hair – long or short, curly or straight, your hair can look totally polished and put together with the right headband.  You can find simple plastic ones at the drugstore that are good for everyday, but look for a fabric-covered headband with a pretty pattern or sparkly sequins or bead when you really want to make a statement. If you like a funkier look, try a feathered headband to add a little oomph to your favorite little black dress.  You can also amp up a simple ponytail or bun with a satin or velvet headband for an evening out.

Embellished Clips

While a simple tortoise shell clip is fine to pull your hair back for the office or lunch with friends, it’s a good idea to have a few embellished options in your collection too.  Look for clips that feature rhinestones, sequins, sparkly beads, or anything that’ll add a little bling to your hair. You can add an embellished clip to the center of your bun or French twist to glam it up for formal event like a wedding or party, or use it to tie off a ponytail or braid for a night on the town.  Thinner crystal-embellished clips are perfect for pinning back smaller sections of hair like long bangs or creating a half up, half down ‘do.

Flower Hair Pin

If you’re the kind of girl who likes an ultra-flirty look, a flower hair pin is an absolute necessity in your hair accessory collection.  It’s an especially pretty option for spring and summer when it can add an extra bit of flair to your favorite sundress. Look for colorful flowers in shades like red, pink, or yellow to really turn heads, though a white flower hairpin is also a striking option, especially if you have dark hair. Slip the flower behind your ear or tuck in the center of a bun, ponytail or other up ‘do for a surprisingly sexy look.


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