In defense of hair gel

A two part letter.

Part 1: A letter to hair gel.

Dear hair gel,

Sigh. You and your bad reputation.

Sure, you were pretty awful back in the day when you slicked back hair, held up spikes and kept curls crunchy crunchy crunchy. I mean, who doesn’t want their hair to crunch? (Answer: EVERYONE).

But don’t worry! You might have a bad rep, but you’re not dead yet.

There are a number of ways you can still be useful and beneficial to our hair care regimens, showing your success straight, curly, long and short styles. Now that you have a newfound sense of hope in your existence, we’ll let the ladies know how they can make the best use of you. Thanks for listening!

Part 2: A letter to the ladies.

Dear ladies,

Here’s how you can use hair gel to your benefit:

Slick it back in a NEW (read: current) way:

Of course you know that gel is good for slicking back a ponytail or bun, like Jennifer Lopez in 2001. However, the style you associated with gel is usually achieved with wet hair. Using gel in dry, straight hair can have a very sexy effect here in 2013. After blow-drying your hair straight, smooth gel from roots to ends before brushing it up into a ponytail. This will create a truly luminous look to your locks while keeping frizz at bay.

Making frizz-control cocktails

Sometimes my out-of-control frizz does make me need a drink, but that’s not the cocktail I’m talking about here. Gel is a perfect ingredient for a curly or wavy hair styling cocktail, because it contributes just enough control without weighing the hair down like a straight up frizz cream can do. Mix some frizz-blocking gel with an anti-frizz cream and apply to your hair when it’s damp, not wet. If your hair is curly, mix a dime-sized amount of gel and a nickel-sized blob of cream, and reverse if your hair is straight or wavy.

The best straightening agent

You may associate gel with crunchy curls, but it can actually be a fantastic straightening agent, too, as long as your hair is thick. Apply a dime-sized amount of flexible-hold gel to your hair, then blow dry it straight and use your heat styling tools if necessary. You might be surprised at the sleek results!

The basic rule of thumb with gels is to choose one that meets your hair’s needs and never use too much. If you have fine hair and use globs of super-hold gel, yes, you will look like a wet dog (or perhaps Joey Fatone circa 2000). Use the right type and in moderation, and you might just love the results!


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