Keranique a is a line of hair care products made for women with thinning hair, and few of our lovely WTFlicka contributors had the chance to try out the product for themselves. Check out what they had to say about their results!

Danielle Tumminio:

Keranique really made my hair soft and bouncy. After the first use, the volume in my hair increased, and the conditioner helped keep my hair smooth without weighing it down!

Coco Enriquez:

I have a problem with my hair coming out in clumps every time I wash it. I was pleased to discover that a few days into my use of this product, my hair was staying in my scalp instead of in the drain! That was quite exciting. I really like the minty tingling feeling I get when using it and I feel so refreshed when I get out of the shower. I am a lover of natural products so the fact that this line of hair treatments is paraben free was a definite plus. The Intensive Scalp treatment was a nice addition to what seems like an already great product. My hair feels lighter and less weighed down, and definitely cleaner.

I was a little nervous about trying the medicated portion of the product due to the warnings against growing facial hair and my fear of it seeping into my brain and causing me to become crazier than I already am. So far so good. I am only one week into using the product, so I’m looking forward to thicker fuller hair in the weeks to come.

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