Why Does Keranique Hair Formula Attract Women?


What’s so great about Keranique hair formula? Well, one of the first things that is special about it is its sulfate-free blend. Yes, you read it right. The formula does not contain sulfates.

This is a big blessing for your hair. Do you know the shampoo that you have been using for years contains a group of harsh detergents, popularly called sulfates, which gradually reduce hair hydration and beauty? With Keranique products guarantee on your side, you can assure yourself of getting a pure and gentle hair formula.

Another thing that is attractive about Keranique hair formula is its pH balance. This solves a lot of scalp issues. Our body, including skin on the scalp, has a definite pH. If a soap or shampoo disturbs this pH, you can expect problems on the skin. Most OTC shampoos, according to experts, hardly care about this pH thing. They are more interested in “blinding” you with glitzy commercials so that you buy the product and help them make money.

Talking of Keranique hair regrowth treatment guarantee, you can get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on ordering risk free trial of Keranique’s selected products. The trial period lasts 30 days and gives you ample time to know how your hair responds to Keranique hair formula.


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