Top 5 Home Remedies in Summer

Summers are beating the hell out of me and as I said earlier, I am not a fan of this weather at all. I prefer winters. So, I thought I would share my 5 favourite home remedies for skin.


Yes, I am not a fan of lemon. I find it too drying for my skin and its too acidic as well so I prefer to garnish my salads and dals (lentils) and sabzi’s (curries) with lemon instead of applying it on face. Tomato is much gentler and equally amazing at almost everything.

It removes tan, blemishes and dark spots, evens out the skin tone and makes my skin bright and glowing. And, not only that, I can use it on my hair for the extra shine and to undo the effects of sun damage. And, it doesn’t leave my skin dry. And, its perfect even for sensitive skins for which is lemon is not really suitable.

And, since I am lazy, I take a slice of tomato from my salad and rub it on my skin and let ot dry up and then, I wash it off.


Who doesn’t love cucumber in summers? They feel so hydrating and cool to eat and not to speak of their effects on skin. They are again amazing at evening out the skin tone and removing the tan. And, I forgot to say this above but both tomato and cucumber are great on acne and breakouts too. It cools off ths skin inside and outside both.


Ok, this is not on my favorite fruit list and is highly unlikely it will ever make to one. But, I wouldn’t deny that its the fruit which makes me feel refreshing on the name itself and its a favourite among many people. Again, it gives a hydrated skin staying true to its name and also helps with blemishes and tan.

Coconut Water

Ok, to be frank, I have never used coconut water on my skin. But, I have heard so many people rave about it that it always makes me curious that how well does it do for the skin and hair. But, still, I can’t deny the changes it does to skin even from the inside ;D It keeps the body temperature cooler from the inside and is supposed to be amazing for the complexion.


Yes, my favorite. Thought I love to drink it more than applying it on my skin, I do that sometimes. And, its just fabulous. Be it tanning or breakouts or blemishes or need for a glowing skin, this one remedy address to all. And, if you can spare a cup of buttermilk, add it to your bath as well. It shows a lot of difference.

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