Dealing With Oily Skin


Have oily skin and don’t know how to handle it? Well don’t worry about it, as taking care of oily skin is pretty simple. The oils your skin produces help keep your skin healthy, but too much can effect the health of your skin. The excess oil can lead to blemishes and acne flare ups. Since you have oily skin, you will have to cleanse your skin a little more than most, but make sure to cleanse daily and nightly. When deciding on a cleanser, make sure to pick a gentle one, as harsh soaps trigger skin to increase oil production. Make sure to avoid rough clothes and buff puffs because they also stimulate oil production.

When buying any products, whether it’s moisturizer or sunscreen, make sure it’s oil-free. Once in a while, use a mask to draw out the excess oils but not very often, because it can really dry out your skin. You might want to consider adding an astringent or aloe vera gel to your daily skin care routine. The astringent decreases the skin and the aloe vera absorbs the oil. During the day, you might want to carry blotting paper or tissues to blot your face throughout the day to absorb the excess oils. Try to avoid touching your face during the day, because oil and dirt from your hands can be transferred to your face.  


If you have extremely oily skin, try splashing your face with cold water and blot it dry a couple of times a day to help reduce oiliness. You can always use a light scrub, corn starch, and even an egg yolk mask to help keep the production of excess oils down. The problem with having oily skin is that you can’t wear much makeup. Over time, it starts to look like you’re sweating a mask. The big one to avoid is foundation. The foundation will trap the excess oil against the skin and set the stage for blemishes. Having oily skin can ruin your day, but don’t worry about it as sometimes it’s just seasonal.


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