Abundance of hair regrowth solutions but only a few are effective

When you consider a really effective hair regrowth solution after a disappointing time with numerous products, that promised a lot in their communication, but offered nothing more than further hair loss, return to basics. It is important to understand that your hair grows out of microscopic pockets on your scalp known as follicles. These follicles contain glands that secrete nutrients as well as oxygen and blood from other parts of the body to regenerate new cells that eventually help the growth of hair.

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The key to regaining lost hair is regular replenishment of follicles

If the scalp has residue buildup and dandruff, the pores that lead to the follicles, get choked resulting in stoppage of their replenishment, which in turn, leads to their failure to regrow new hair. Under normal circumstances too, your hair goes through a cycle of hair fall and hair regrowth, and these two processes are maintained by a natural balance coordinated by the strength of your follicles. This balance is disrupted whenever the replenishment of the follicles is hampered and inevitably leads to more hair fall than growth. That’s when you need the right hair regrowth solution.

Hormone imbalance is also a major cause of hair loss

There could be many other reasons that contribute to hair fall like, hormone imbalance that results from following the wrong eating habits. Excessive consumption of red meat can result in accumulation of a lot more unwanted animal fat in your body than is permissible under good health guidelines. This can create hormone imbalance, which has far reaching consequences, not merely for your scalp and hair regrowth but also for your entire body. Therefore, if your diet consists of a daily intake of red meat, bring it down to once or twice a week.


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