Straight Hair Maintenance: Tips For Fuller Looking Hair

Can straight hair ever look voluminous and fuller looking? Women with straight hair often complain that their hair lacks volume, or looks too limp and poker straight, and lifeless. While straight hair is in fashion right now and your mane can be the envy of many, having the right care routine is important to maintain the health and glossiness of hair.

Beautiful woman with magnificent hair

Easy tips for straight hair maintenance

The right styling goes a long way in imparting the appearance of volume to hair. Layered and feathered styles work well for straight hair, particularly if you have fine hair. Additionally, long hair means more weight, which can lead to hair looking limp. If you are really set on the long, straight haired look, you need to use styling products, such as the Keranique mousse, to take some of the weight off the hair roots and make the hair look naturally bouncy. Conditioning hair is important since fine hair tends to dry easily. On the other hand, you might also want to limit conditioner use to the ends of your hair and keep it away from the scalp.

Preventing hair damage

Women, who have straight hair naturally, do not have to use heated straightening products to style hair. This reduces the amount of damage that heat can do to your hair. On the other hand, fine hair can be difficult to put into a style and you might often overuse blow dryers, chemicals, and heated curlers in an effort to break out of your straight-haired look. Reducing the use of heat and lowering temperature settings is an option. You may also want to use conditioners that protect hair from the heat of styling products.

If you are experiencing thinning, you might also want to use Keranique hair regrowth solution for achieving fuller looking hair while maintaining straight hair.


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