Thinning Hair? Try Keranique Hair Therapy

Problem hair takes away the natural attractiveness of your face and good hair can boost your appeal dramatically. This is the reason why at the first sign of hair loss or graying, or any problem related to hair, you need to take proactive steps to discourage hair loss.
Discovering the cause of hair loss


If you have made recent changes to your lifestyle, you could list them on a writing pad to see if you can find the cause of hair loss. Hair loss can potentially have many causes and often the exact reason is hard to discover. Usually, stress is to blame for sudden onset of hair loss, particularly in women younger than 40 years of age.

If stress is not the problem, then poor diet might be causing you to lose hair. Hair is made of protein and a diet lacking this nutrient could be bad for hair. You might even want to check if you have dandruff, fungal, or any scalp infection that could cause damage to hair follicles.

Is hair loss permanent?

Some types of hair loss are tied to the hormone level in women. So, at various points in your life, you may notice hair thinning, however, for natural life events, the hair volume is regained once the hormonal levels change again. This is most noticeable during pregnancy and after childbirth. For women experiencing hair loss after menopause, there is a need to take steps to ensure that hair loss due to external factors, such as UV rays, pollution, styling products, and heat, is minimized, since it is more difficult to regain hair volume in older women.

Keranique hair therapy has offered hope to many women experiencing hair loss, and while the above tips for fuller hair will help, using Keranique hair therapy offers a convenient, effective, relatively cheaper solution to rejuvenate hair. The kit consists of hair care and styling products and a hair regrowth product that contains an FDA-approved ingredient for treating hair loss.


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