Freaking Out Over Falling Hair? Here Are Five Hair Loss Solutions For Women

Hair loss can be depressing. After all, your hair is your crowning glory. While losing some hair every day is completely normal, falling hair that results in thin hair can be worrisome. Can you prevent this or stop this?

Yes, you can! Find out how with…


Five hair loss solutions for women

• First, ask yourself if you are stressed out. Stress is known to cause a number of health issues that can affect your hair health. Ensure that you get adequate sleep and relaxation. Find ways to relieve your stress. And prevent hair loss.
• Be gentle with your hair. For most people who lead a hectic lifestyle, it is common to grab that hair, brush it roughly and tie it up tight. When hair is pulled it becomes weak and breaks off. So spend those two minutes being kind to your hair, comb it slowly and tie it in such a way that the roots do not strain at the scalp.
• When you wash your hair, rinse it thoroughly. After you wash your hair, don’t rub it dry. Instead, pat it gently to bring out the moisture. Preferably, air dry your hair rather than with a dryer. Handling the hair when it is wet can cause hair loss and also destroy the hair follicles.
• If you enjoy changing your hair style often, now is the time to realize that frequent use of wigs is not a good idea. Wigs can irritate the scalp and cut off air supply, damaging the hair.
• Avoid hair color as much as possible. If you have to use it, choose it with care as many products contain chemicals that can harm your hair. Consider using lowlights or highlights rather than color completely as this will protect your hair

Finally, the best hair loss prevention solution for women is a healthy diet as all health starts with how you nourish your body and thus, your hair. You can also try best hair care product like Keranique.


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