Keranique Hair Products – For Hair Regrowth and Volumizing

Maintaining hair at its best demands daily care and attention plus the use of high-grade hair care products. Now there is no dearth of hair products out there. There are different formulations based on hair types. For instance, you can choose products based on your specific hair type – curly, wavy or straight. Or you could pick from products according to the texture of your hair – dry, damaged, oily, normal or split ends. Likewise when you run into hair issues such as hair fall or hair loss, it calls for an entirely different range of products specifically created for thinning hair. Keranique hair products have been formulated to meet the specific needs of thinning hair.

Regrowing hair – easier than you think

Most women believe that once hair starts falling and goes thin, it is impossible to grow back hair and regain its thickness and volume. However, this is now a thing of the past thanks to the Hair Regrowth Treatment from Keranique. This product features Minoxidil – an ingredient approved by the FDA and possessing proven capabilities in helping regrow female  hair. Minoxidil effectively rejuvenates hair follicles and supports the regrowth of new hair by promoting the supply of nutrients, oxygen and blood to hair follicles. The presence of Minoxidil makes the Hair regrowth Treatment a great option for women interested in  long-term hair regrowth solution.

Thicker-looking hair without regrowth

Keranique hair products also include several volumizing formulations that help add volume and thickness to hair without actually regrowing hair. For instance, the Follicle Boosting Serum in the Keranique hair care range helps women add thickness, bounce and body to thin hair. The alcohol-free formulation works deep down at the follicular levels to strengthen thinning hair. The serum also helps repair split ends and enhances the thickness of every hair strand to make your hair look denser and fuller.


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