Female Hair Loss Solution That Offers Proven Results

Women are often looking for miracle cures for hair loss, given that hair loss in women is often a lifestyle altering situation. However, most cures do not work as promised. They do not have the stamp of authenticity that can make them truly trustworthy or popular. One product, however, does show some promise. Minoxidil is an FDA approved hair loss solution. It has been shown to be effective in helping women manage hair loss. The Keranique hair loss product contains Minoxidil, and has been shown to help women regrow thicker hair.

Daily damage prevention

You would need to examine the products you’re using to check if they are safe for your hair.  For example, most shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates.  This is a class of compounds that has long been used in detergents and similar substances to generate lather. While sulfates do clean the hair, they also damage hair and skin. Sulfates strip the skin and hair of the necessary naturally-occurring oils. Women are switching to sulfate free products and the Keranique shampoo is one such product.  This is totally free of harmful substances, like sulfates. This shampoo also nourishes scalp thanks to its composition of vitamins and other nutrients.  It also helps make women’s hair more manageable.

A convenient package

A new shampoo may not be the only step you need to take to rejuvenate your hair. There are other products that you’re using which may be harming your hair. The solution to the problem lies in the Keranique kit. This kit contains a hair regrowth solution, shampoo, as well as conditioner and mousse. The conditioner helps protect hair against external damage, while improving the texture and volume of hair. The mousse makes it more manageable, and also moisturizes the hair.


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