Hair Regrowth for Women Made Possible With Keranique Product


Hair starts its journey from the follicle. The strength, elasticity, thickness and texture of hair will ultimately depend on the health of its follicles. Sometimes, dirt buildup and product residues can clog follicles, thereby obstructing the proper growth of hair. Gradually as more and more follicles get clogged, hair loss becomes more severe and noticeable. Then there are women who experience hair fall issues because their follicles are not adequately replenished. In such cases, the follicles do not receive enough blood and oxygen to support the growth of healthy hair. The Hair Regrowth Kit is an amazing hair care range from Keranique that focuses on all these issues and aids hair regrowth for women.

Focusing on the follicles

When hair follicles get clogged with buildup and affects proper hair growth, the obvious solution is to eliminate buildup and open up the follicles. However, regular shampoos are not equipped to handle such tasks. Keranique understands this fact and therefore brings you the Scalp Stimulating Shampoo – a powerful yet gentle formulation that deep cleans down to the follicular level. The antioxidants and vitamins in this sulfate-free formulation deep clean hair and leave it smooth, soft and thicker-looking. After shampooing, use the Volumizing conditioner to make thinning hair ready for the application of Keranique hair regrowth solution.

A great way to regrow hair

To improve the look of thinning hair and ensure hair regrowth for women, Keranique brings you the Hair Regrowth Treatment. This formulation features Minoxidil – the sole ingredient approved by the FDA for its ability to help women regrow thicker looking hair. Minoxidil replenishes and revitalizes hair follicles by improving the flow of oxygen, nutrients and blood to the follicles. This helps follicles to support the regrowth of hair and offers women a long-term solution for regrowing hair.


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