Keranique Helps to Get the Perfect Blow-Out

Want the perfect blowout? First, stop using blow dryers in the bathroom. The area is humid and encourages frizz on hair after a blow out. Even before that, change your shampoo. Get a sulfate-free, pH-balanced shampoo from Keranique risk free trial offer. According to reviews, the shampoo coats hair with a keratin coat that protects strands from the damaging heat of blow dryers.

Procrastination helps in this case

Styling wet hair can be a disaster. It also takes more time. Always blow out tresses when they are completely dry to get a smooth, silky effect. Moreover, when you use Keranique’s shampoo you can rest assured about getting such hair when they air dry. On top of it, your perfect blow-out creates a look so glamorous that you will fall in love with your own hair.


The correct way of styling

When you apply mousse or gel to damp hair blow dry them immediately after this. Don’t let the mousse or gel stay on hair as you wait for them to air dry. Leaving your wet hair with mousse can make them frizzy and cranky.

To avoid this mistake, do this: let hair air dry first. Be patient. When they are slightly damp, apply the styling product. Experts suggest using Keranqiue’s Thickening & Texturizing Mousse that gives hair a beautiful body and bounce. The mousse is lightweight and perfect for adding a mind blowing volume and gloss to hair.

Contact Keranique customer service for details on each product of the brand. The officials also help in correct use of the product and how to order them.

Hair stylists also advise to tackle bangs first, lest they may go unevenly dry. Side-swept bangs are good with round, medium-sized boar-bristle brush, while blunt bangs are happy with a paddle brush. To get a polished, but not flat look, brush them from side to side as you blow dry them. Keranique risk free trial products can help you start your hair care with an expert touch.


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