Go Crazy For Keranique


It is never too late to do something about your thinning hair. Don’t just let them vanish gradually from your head. A little determination mixed with lots of care and Keranique can help you bring back your lush tresses.

Hair care with a difference

A lot of myths are associated with hair care. Talk of hair loss and you are bombarded with all kinds of remedies and advices. Keranique’s formula silences them all. Just this brand in your cabinet and you are all set to flaunt envious locks.

From split ends to rough texture, from profuse hair loss to dull, lifeless locks – Keranique shampoo & hair products are equipped to deal with all kinds of problems that attack tresses.

Keratin craze

Today, keratin-infused hair products are making a rage in the market. Hair strands are actually protein structures. The right proportion of protein and moisture in hair make them soft, silky, and healthy. Keranique’s shampoo and conditioner are infused with keratin substances that form a film around the cuticles. This closes them and corrects the hair texture, increasing shine and strength.

Minoxidil mania

Keranique hair regrowth system uses minoxidil, which is a medical compound established to contain hair-growing property. It is approved by the FDA to be used in 2 per cent concentration in women’s hair loss products.
keranique hair-regrowth treatment
The hair regrowth system is found to show visible results within weeks. However, those looking for quick-fix solution for hair loss may be disappointed. It takes at least 8-16 weeks to get visible results. Patience and consistency are two keys that open the door to healthy, lustrous tresses.

Women not seeking any serious treatment can simply use the brand’s shampoo and conditioner to improve their hair’s appearance. The products are designed to add volume, shine, and vitality to the hair. Minoxidil or no minoxidil, with Keranique’s “hair treasure”, you are going to get awesome tresses.



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