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Keranique Hair Product: Select from the Many Choices Available

Hair loss is something that affects a large percentage of both men and women. However, women tend to be more affected by this trend as the self worth of many women depends on the health of their tresses. There is

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Abundance of hair regrowth solutions but only a few are effective

When you consider a really effective hair regrowth solution after a disappointing time with numerous products, that promised a lot in their communication, but offered nothing more than further hair loss, return to basics. It is important to understand that

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Is Hard Water Hair Damage Getting You Down? Here’s What You Can Do!

Keranique Regrowth Treatment

Not everyone is aware that the culprit behind their lackluster hair just might be from the hard water in their faucets! When I worked behind the chair, it was obvious and easy to feel hard water damage in a clients

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Thinning Hair Ladies? No prob!

Keranique Hair Regrowth and Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner with Lifting Spray

Let’s face it – everyone has a bad hair day from time to time.  But if you’ve got thin hair, you probably find yourself on the wrong end of them more than your fair share. Thin hair is definitely a

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Thinning Hair? Hair Loss? You’re not alone – 30+ Million women suffer from hair loss & thinning hair

You’re washing your hair, and instead of the few strands that normally come out as you’re rinsing, you have gobs of hair in the drain. Or maybe you’re brushing out your tresses and you’re noticing way more came out of

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